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Juice Plus Free Sample Affiliate Program - Terms of Use
Last Updated: 19/01/2024

1. Introduction Welcome to the Juice Plus Free Sample Affiliate Program. Participation in this program means you agree to these Terms of Use, designed to foster a productive and fair environment for all affiliates.
2. Eligibility To be eligible for our program, you must: Be at least 18 years of age. Agree to adhere to our marketing guidelines. Provide accurate registration information.
3. Program Participation Affiliate Link: You'll receive a unique link to track your leads. Lead Tracking: You are responsible for following up with and upselling to leads generated through your link. Marketing by Juice Plus+: Juice Plus+ will conduct marketing efforts to these prospects on your behalf.
4. Lead Attribution While best efforts will be made to attribute future sales to the appropriate affiliate, this cannot be guaranteed due to the nature of online marketing and lead tracking.
5. Prohibited Activities Affiliates must not: Engage in deceptive or fraudulent activities. Defame or misrepresent the Juice Plus brand. Violate any applicable laws or regulations.
6. Term and Termination This agreement is effective upon your registration and remains so until terminated by either party.
7. Limitation of Liability Juice Plus Free Sample is not liable for indirect damages arising from this affiliate program.
8. Modifications to Terms We reserve the right to modify these terms, with affiliates being notified of any changes.
9. Governing Law These terms are governed by the laws of Australia and New Zealand.
10. Contact Information Questions about these terms can be directed to jpsupportau@juiceplus.com. By registering for the Juice Plus Free Sample Affiliate Program, you confirm your understanding and agreement to these Terms of Use.